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September 22, 2017

Revised Comps, round two. Revisions per instruction, plus alternate header + CTA options.

September 15, 2017

Revised Comps with alternate header treatments.

  • Revision 1: Chrome Gradient
  • Revision 2: Chrome Gradient + Inverted Logo
  • Revision 3: Chrome Gradient + Grey Menu Text
  • Revision 4: White + Dark Menu Text
  • Revision 5: Translucent
  • Revision 6: Anchored Menu Buttons (Slanted)
  • Revision 7: Anchored Menu Buttons (Straight)
  • Revision 8: Translucent + Menu Buttons + Full Height
  • Revision 9: Transparent + Menu Buttons + Full Height
  • Revision 10: Tire Treads + Menu Buttons
  • Revision 11: Crosshatch Texture
  • Revision 12: Metal Texture

September 11, 2017

Initial comps for Grand Rapids Transport website redesign. Please Command-click or Control-click to open full-size in a new tab.

Sounds like what I need! Let's get to work.

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