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About Us

[prisna-google-website-translator] Chart of number of sites since 1991We are the Imagination Factory and we serve the human and corporate imagination through a skillful blending of technology, media and art.

When asked about our history, we tell clients that IFI was created by accident and forged in chaos. Chaos that is often described as ‘the edge of the place where creativity lies’.

As you can see (click image to the left), the Imagination Factory predates Google on the web. While we began in 1985, our first website went up in November 1995 when there were only ~10,000 web servers on the planet. One (of now 6) of those servers was ours. Our first client site (they are still actively working with us AND now have four separate sites) went live a few months later in 1996.

We are… web designers, web developers, print designers, graphic illustrators, programmers, database developers, marketing strategists, server managers, security freaks, social media mavens, search specialists, brain tattooists, imagineers, communicators. We are your storyteller. We are all about telling your story to your audience with an eye on cost effectiveness and an ROI for you.

Our favorite clients are those with no strong opinions, immense wealth and well-developed submissive personalities. However, this group seems to be notoriously shy – so we endeavor to have fun with ALL of our clients… even if you don’t fit this target profile. (GRIN)

Key Reasons to Choose Imagination Factory for Your Next Project

  • We marry “look-feel” with “deep geek”, deploying the most cost-effective, intuitive and targeted web and mobile marketing solution possible.
  •  Longevity: We’ve been in the multimedia business for 30 years; were early internet adopters; owned one of the area’s first servers and are deeply experienced in the evolution of code.
  •  Our lean but powerful team is comprised of the right combination of marketing, design, content, project management and technical prowess.
  •  Our solutions are consultative. We dig deeper to find your true value proposition, profit center or mission to supply the best, most targeted deployment within your budget. We’ve got your back.
  •  We can help you integrate all of your marketing assets in order to create consistent branding, save money on design and audit/support your other marketing expenditures. We help you get the most mileage for your marketing dollar.

No single reason listed should convince you to choose The Imagination Factory as your strategic internet partner. Rather, the sum of reasons should be the basis for your selection.

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