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Grand Rapids Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing depicted by a website image on desktop, responsive website on tablet and mobile phoneGrand Rapids Web Design & Development, Digital Marketing depicted by a website image on desktop, responsive website on tablet and mobile phone

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Effective Web Design vs Web Development: The Difference is in the Details

First impressions count. Your visitor’s experience on your site counts. Speed counts to both google and visitors. Content remains king. Calls-to-action convert. If your current website does not blend appearance, user ease, speed, content quality and depth with clear conversion paths, you’re leaving a lot of business on the world-wide-table for your competitors to gobble up.

Maybe you started out with a cheap template site from a web designer who didn’t really know code. Or maybe your IT department developed your site with all the design savvy of, well, an IT department. Or maybe it’s just time to turn your pretty but passive website into a new business generation tool, to capture and convert leads.

The trick to effective web design and development that will rank well with both humans and search engines is the marriage of great design and programming. None of this comes in a box. Just like your business, a good website is customized to the way you do business and emphasizes your core strengths.

A custom professional design strengthens your credibility and delivers an effective message with a clear action path to your product or services.

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Responsive Web Design – for Results

While Imagination Factory was one of the first Grand Rapids Web Developers in mobile/responsive web design, today just about anyone with a $59 template can make the claim that they “design responsive websites” – regardless whether they even know how to program.

So your site might already be mobile responsive, but is it mobile proactive? That doesn’t mean mobile-first or mobile-only as a design approach — desktop deserves good layouts too! We find it to be “lazy programming” when a desktop site looks like a blown-up, wide-gapped variant of the mobile theme. Custom writing a theme means that your content responds and organizes itself in a way that is optimal for the device on which it’s delivered. Its a subtle distinction but it makes all the difference in user-friendliness and conversion rates. Put the power of Proactive Responsive design into your web assets, by design.

Better Integration Means Better Interaction

Effective website design and development means giving users what they want, when they want it. If they want to book an appointment, there’s a good chance they’d prefer to do it easily online, and equally easily across mobile and desktop. If they’d like to pay a bill, for goodness sakes, let them! If they’d like to purchase a product, once again your user interface can make the difference between a sale and a bounce

At Imagination Factory, we’ve been involved in interactivity since the dawn of the web, and we routinely find unique ways to help our clients offer engaging and user-friendly experiences to their visitors.

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