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SEAT Software

SEAT™ is a proven customer relations management (CRM) and sales management system uniquely designed for the Sports and Entertainment Industry. SEAT WiFi extends SEAT™ barcoded ticket tracking via wireless handheld scanners for real-time ticket verification. SEAT e-tix adds web-based e-commerce.

SEAT and SEAT PRO Software

SEAT is an easy to use computerized system that not only helps you market to groups and/or advertisers more effectively, but takes the pain out of managing the details. SEAT is modular – to grow as you do.

SEAT features extensive mass mailing (for lead marketing), client reminders and thank you letters (for improved customer service), proposals and invoices (for more productive sales process), and a host of management reporting capabilities (for improved internal management analysis). Clubs using SEAT have reported 200 percent or more increases in group ticket revenue!

SEAT is quite robust in the amount of detail you are allowed to track and manage. However, SEAT is easily customizable – to more finely tune the information to your specific needs. Once you are familiar with SEAT, we can instruct you what to do to obtain the necessary additional calculations and or reports… generally right over the phone! Should your needs be more extensive, for nominal fees, we can quickly customize it or create additional modules specifically for your organization.

SEAT PRO is a ground up re-write and enhancement of our popular original SEAT. SEAT PRO integrates Group, Sponsor, Season, Lead Tracking and Account Management into a single system. All the features of SEAT are still there – it just got better, easier and more extensive.


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