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Content Marketing & Branded Email

Today’s search engines look for more than just a word match. Each search engine works to deliver the best search results to their searchers. How they rank and present those results is a complex and generally, a non-public formula. At last count, Google checks over 250 things to determine site ranking, and changes it’s search algorithm more than once a day. With the advent of Google’s “Rank Brain” – which uses almost-AI to ferret out user intent, content remains king over spammy keyword tactics. While nobody knows the “exact” formula, we do know that content ‘freshness’ is a rank and relevancy signal which makes website maintenance in the form of content a key component to search-driven traffic.

We also know that search engines drive 60-70% of a sites’ initial traffic. But driving initial traffic to the site is only part of the story. A key to success is getting repeat traffic to the site. This is most often handled by providing value-added and fresh content. It’s the repeat visitor that ‘buys’ and gets you a higher customer conversion rate.

Good website maintenance will facilitate better site traffic, higher search engine rankings and a better online reputation. Keeping a site up to date is a necessity in the competitive environment.

At Imagination Factory, we can help you formulate a content marketing plan for your site. We have everything you need under one roof to create, design, author, publish and promote relevant content for your business. We have a long history of helping clients develop an integrated content strategy using a variety of formats. These include branded email, blog posts, articles, whitepapers, infographics, and website copy.

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