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supportTo ensure your request for assistance doesn’t accidentally get missed/delayed (incorrect email address, lost in cyberspace, staff out of office, etc.), please login (or create a support account) below and tell us how we may assist you. Once submitted, you’ll be able to log in and check for any response and/or progress.

Please be mindful of the priority you assign to your ticket. We try to address all tickets as soon as they come in – first in, first out, but we may already be addressing other tickets. We will also look at the priorities to ensure we are addressing them most effectively. We acknowledge that your ticket is important, but not every ticket from every client is a four alarm fire. That said, the priorities are…

  • CRITICAL: This IS a four-alarm fire, “My site has a serious issue and/or isn’t functioning”. We will try to address these urgent/hot tickets ASAP. If your site is down (we probably already know and are likely working on it, but call or email us direct).
  • IMPORTANT: “Something isn’t working quite right, but the site is generally functional”. These we respond or try to address w/in 8-10 hrs – usually by the end of the day or early next (or sooner depending on current ticket load).
  • NORMAL: “I have an admin question” and/or “I’m trying to do something, but am stuck and need some assistance”. These warmer tickets might be addressed w/in 24 hrs – usually by the end of the following day or next (or sooner depending on current ticket load).
  • SOON: “We are wanting to do this/that with the site w/in a short period of time, such as a tradeshow or event”. These tickets are generally handled no later than the end of the week (or sooner depending on current ticket load).
  • WHENEVER: These are for “I had an epiphany, what if…”, “Is it possible to…”, and “I want my site to do this/that new thing, let’s discuss.”  These cooler tickets could take up to a week or more to be completely resolved (or sooner depending on current ticket load).
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