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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

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At Imagination Factory, all of our sites include basic SEO meta titles and description, plus the clean code that search engines like Google prefer. Our sites also encompass good usability, which is growing more paramount to achieve and maintain Google rank. There’s no doubt SEO will continue to evolve into a user-centric science as opposed to a practice focused on search engine bots alone. Google’s algorithm is getting better and better at figuring out patterns that make online experiences enjoyable and fulfilling for the user. Speed and mobile friendliness will likely become even more decisive in determining sites’ rankings.

If you’re not an IFI client with an IFI build, the first step to auditing your Search Optimization is to evaluate your site for the elements that Google holds dear.

But if you’re already in a recent IFI client site, why would you need an SEO retainer? The answer really depends on your position within your sector of the marketplace, and the search habits of people within your purchase/servicing footprint. It also depends on how competitive your competitors are in terms of rank. It’s possible that you don’t need SEO services at all. It’s equally possible that a strategic SEO plan will net you considerable returns.

For this reason, we don’t routinely “sell” SEO services without first evaluating your position in your marketplace, your competitors, and your goals for growth in light of your budget, and the currency of your website. This is very different than those folks who send you emails every day telling you that for a monthly fee they’ll guarantee page one results — which by the way, is a big fat fib.

But in today’s competitive marketplace, ongoing optimization and monitoring against your key competitors can in many cases be a wise investment. Smart SEO delivers customers to your web door and helps you keep or increase market share. The added bonus of having a team of developers working on your SEO is that we know both the web-mastering required plus the up-to-date, white hat on-page tactics for optimizing your website and supercharging your content.

Want more SEO link juice?

We can create blog content and build out a robust business presence for you on business listings and directories. The best part about our SEO services is that unlike one-trick-pony SEO companies, we’ll tell you whether you really need it or not, and never sell you what you don’t need. All of our actions will be based on prior research and strategy with your company’s objectives foremost.

Google is all about the user experience — its algorithms are focused on providing people with exactly what they’re looking for. The future of SEO as a service will focus increasingly on key elements of good design and webmastering, plus the addition of rich, useful content to broaden deep concept linking.

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