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SEO, Social Media and Online marketing services depicted by letters on a white backgroundSEO, Social Media and Online marketing services depicted by letters on a white background

Social Media Marketing

Grand Rapids Social Media Management icons showing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.Social media and networking are terms tossed around a lot in the last few years. Social networking between businesses and customers has become popular because companies/organizations/institutions are able to create an online community and connect users in new ways. Building a social circle (whether in Facebook, Google+, Linked-In, Pinterest, Twitter, or any of a myriad of others) can help you to promote your business, build a recognizable brand, bring traffic to your website and position a company high on the market.

Our team is available to create dynamic content that cuts through the noise of your customers’ social media feeds. This content can range from customized still images, article posts, to video (outsourced), depending on what will engage the targeted customer best. We offer ongoing social media management, short-term social media campaigns and promotions, and social media contest management. No matter the platform, we understand how to best use social media for business.

Understandably, you’re busy running your business and there might not be resources available to also maintain your website, add new pages, update your blog, issue press releases, and/or build your social media community. This is where the Imagination Factory can help. Many clients have found it beneficial to delegate some of all of those functions to IFI on an on-going basis.

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