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Monthly Hosting/Update Plan

Several clients have asked if we can set-up automatic payments for their site hosting.

Not all sites qualify for static recurring payments (ie those using our Branded graphic emailer/list manager where the fee is calculated per 1000 email addresses in the lists, or larger than standard sites, multiple sites or sites that need more than normal bandwidth).

This subscription plan may be used for secure basic monthly single site hosting ($50/mo) AND our basic security updates ($15/mo). Quarterly, Bi-annual and Annual Subscriptions are also available. Subscriptions do NOT cover multiple sites or site content design/maintenance/changes/enhancements – Please ask us about our service retainers options.

Please check with us BEFORE you do this IF you have any questions.

You do NOT need to be a member of PayPal (its FREE!) or have purchased through them before. If you are, the process is a bit faster. PayPal verifies both the buyer and the seller to help avoid payment fraud.

Sounds delightful! Tell me more.

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