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Colours & The Web

A long time ago in a land far, far away, when we first began designing for the web, one of the more confusing things we had to do was to get a handle on using colour.

Many of our clients are not local, so we needed a ‘rosetta stone’ that would assist us in communicating and understanding design project colours. We needed a method to discuss ‘coke-can red’ or ‘sky blue’ or ‘sorta yellow-green’ AND translate it into colours that were viewable on the web.

The browsers all seem to talk hexadecimal (base 16 or 0 thru 9 plus A thru F), while most graphic packages preferred to define colours in decimal values of 0 thru 256 (RGB) or 0 to 100% Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black (CMYK).

To further confuse matters, someone began naming the colours like “aquamarine” and “puce” and listing them alphabetically. So, to help ourselves make some sense of it all, we have developed various tables to assist us.

We hope they are of help to you too!

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