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Bridge Basics

A friend and wife of one of our longest standing clients (since 1996) in Connecticut, loves playing bridge. Like many of us, there is a desire to improve our skills in doing things we like to do. Carol, took that desire a bit further in that upon learning the game from experts, distilled her notes and compiled them into a couple of ‘How to” books. Sharing them w/ friends got her rave reviews and suggestions to make them available to a larger bridge playing audience.

To that end, she came to the Imagination Factory to develop a logo for her startup enterprise, design the book covers and put up an e-commerce site to sell not only the books, but some unique bridge-related gifts as well.

Like playing bridge? Want to learn how to play better? Your opponents may already have her books! Click here to check out her new site.

Sounds like what I want! Tell me more.

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