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As a Senior Attorney with the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, Karen Lapekas was the lead attorney for the IRS on over 170 cases in the United States Tax Court. Through intense study of the Internal Revenue Code and years of working as an attorney for the IRS, she came to believe that many people are paying too much and the IRS often demands more money than people can afford to pay. She also knows that the Internal Revenue Code and the IRS offer relief to taxpayers in these situations and that countless people are needlessly burdened with the stress associated with tax audits and the IRS’ collection efforts.

This is why Karen founded Lapekas Law: to ensure that her clients do not give the IRS one dollar more than they owe or one dollar more than they can afford to pay. And to help her tell that story and offer her skips on a subscription basis, she turned to the experts at the Imagination Factory.

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