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Suites Online Catering System

Welcome to the the Imagination Factory’s NEW and IMPROVED Suite Online Catering System (SOCS v2.0). SOCS v1.0 originally came out in 2007 (about the same time as Apple’s iphone), and was quickly adopted by and is currently in use by a number of minor league baseball clubs for their online suite food ordering. SOCS v2.0 represents a complete overhaul of the previous version based on all the things we learned from working with these first clubs over the years.

Looking for a way to increase catering revenue and profitability for your suites? Make the move from printed paper to online ordering! There are advantages for both the fans and for the clubs who offer online suite food ordering. First, a fan can order at will when they have time to. Also, the fans are able to customize their order without errors in communication between them and the person taking the order. The club is able to take more orders with fewer staff. The club does not need someone to be on the phone to take the order. The order can go straight to the kitchen.

Click Here to put your menu where your fans are and get your online order system built by web developers that have been ‘webheads’ since 1995.

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