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Tuffturf Molebusters

TuffTurf is a leading pest control & lawn care operation in Michigan. The owner understands the value of upgrading his equipment and training staff on new and/or improved service offerings. His web sites are key tools in communicating with his customers.

TuffTurf’s previous site(s) were designed back in 2012 around the time the rover “Curiosity” landed on Mars. With hundreds of Google algorithm updates each year, including some major ones like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Moblegeddon (all since 2012), four (4) years can be a long time between site changes, especially from an SEO perspective.

It was time.

Besides the obvious cosmetic changes, we made it even MORE mobile, put in more valuable content and we were able to cut its page load speed by more than half to under 2 seconds. All things that the new ranking algorithms are now also taking into consideration when indexing a site.

Sounds nifty. We should talk.

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