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The Imagination Factory proposes to design, develop, test, and publish your interactive media, corporate identity program and/or specialty marketing project. This material is provided for review purposes only. However, this document contains material and information which the Imagination Factory, Inc. (US) and the Imagination Factory Co. (CA) considers confidential and proprietary. As such the distribution of this document is limited solely to those full-time employees either actively involved in the review of said project materials and/or the evaluation and selection of the Imagination Factory Companies as the firm to conduct this assignment, or those that will be involved with the project described herein. No other uses are permitted.

Colour Scheme: White / Grey / Aqua or Teal
Version A: Full Width Header Slideshow w/ 3 Icon Promos, Sidebar Calendar & Text Testimonial Exerpts
Version B: Full Width Header Slideshow w/ 3 Image Promos, Sidebar Calendar & Graphic Testimonials
Version C: Taller/Narrower Header Slideshow w/ 3 Icon Promos, Wider Calendar (less body copy) & Graphic Testimonials
Version D: Taller Format w/ Primary Color Change, 4 Image Promos, Two Column main copy, Text Testimonial Excerpts, Calendar/Location Map, Facebook & Blog Feeds

Note: All sites are same width. If the color is NOT ‘aqua’ enough, go to the COLOUR SELECTOR to find the aqua you prefer and let us know.

(click on thumb below to see larger version, click on large version to zoom)
REVISION A (8/18/2018)

Revision 1: Cyan/Turquoise Shift, Elements from A-D – Header/Slide size from “B”, 4 Image Promos from “D”, Two Column main copy from “C”, CTA & Text Testimonial Excerpts from “A”

ORIGINAL COMPS (7/30/2018)

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