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Our Design Process

Design Process
Our design process is important and we try to keep it very transparent. The information you provide us, will help us in designing a your communication (logo, brochure, website) in a way that will best suit your objectives. We will provide you a design brief (questionnaire), go over it in person, or call you to discuss your needs in further detail, to gain a better understanding of your requirements and then submit a quote, or formal proposal. Unless otherwise indicated, our initial estimate includes several design concepts and a couple revision rounds. Further changes to the design scope will be charged at the normal hourly rate.

From that point, the development process may take several days to several months, depending on the project scope. It could take less or more time, depending on how complicated your requirements are, how quickly you submit the requested material and how quickly you respond to revisions.

On acceptance of our estimate/proposal, you will be asked to sign a Design Agreement, you will be required to pay a percentage deposit before we can commence working on your project.

The typical web process (roughly described below) timeline will look something like this PDF.

Evaluation of competition and target market
Based on the project, we will review your competitors (websites and marketing material, if available). We will evaluate what you like and dislike about your competitors’ design and direction, and start brainstorming ways to create a superior design that will attract your target market.

Gathering Content
Unlike some design firms, we don’t design a shell and expect you to populate it. We have copywriters, artists, and illustrators on staff. However, there may be information on you have (ie company history), or which is specific to you organization (staff bio/photos, building/process photos). We will require you to submit any/all of the content that you will want displayed on your website or within your brochure, either via email, post or courier. Depending on the project scope and availability, your text content may be bullet points, phone or in-person interviews where we will develop and provide final copy.

Evaluation and structuring of content
We will then review the content you will submit and make suggestions for the layout and structure of your project, including size, material, photography, navigation (web), etc.

Brainstorming design concepts
We normally take about a few days to brainstorm website design concepts based on the decided structure and all information gathered from the information and marketing material you’ve submitted.

Reviewing design concepts
We will email you a PDF file, screen shots or direct you to a VPA (virtual private area) for you to review. This is your time to review and decide on the concept that best suits the direction of your company.

Revisions to selected concept
Once you have selected the concept that best suits your company, you may want to revise the layout, colour, font, design, or navigation system. You will make a list of the revisions that you would like implemented and discuss them with us. We will then implement the revisions requested, and send you a second draft, that way you can compare the revisions with the original design. If after, the first set of revisions, you require other revisions, you will then make another list of revisions for us to implement. This process repeats until you are totally satisfied with your design.

Creation of web pages and content population
Once the design is finalized, production of the printed layout or website (style sheet and templates) are created. The web navigation system is coded and linked to the newly created main pages. Then, the working site is uploaded to temporary space on our servers or final proof copies are printed.

Final review of design
This is your chance to do one final review of your project layout, content and structure. If you have further changes to make, make a list of revisions you would like implemented and discuss them with us. We will then implement the revisions requested and prepare the printer documents and/or post the revised website.

Uploading your website or Sending Artwork to the Printer
When all revisions are made, the entire website is uploaded to your domain on the hosting server (this will be the IFI servers, unless other prior arrangements have been made). You will need to review your website one final time, before the design process of your website is considered complete.

In the case of printed literature, we will package up the artwork and send to the printer of your choosing per their specifications. We will assist you in evaluating print budgets prior to printer selection. Depending on the project, you may be asked to provide a final approval or press check prior to actual print production.

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