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Printable IFI Contract Forms

A written agreement spells out each parties responsibilities and deliverables which helps eliminate miscommunications and speeds the process.

We have two forms, a short (three page) version that is usually sufficient for simpler projects (logo, stationery, banners, t-shirts, etc.), and a longer (ten page) version that is for more complex or longer-term projects (website, custom applications, etc.). The longer one also includes project and rate schedules and even a website hosting agreement.

Should you feel a non-disclosure is appropriate BEFORE we discuss your project, and IF, during the project, we need model releases to legally protect you, we even have them available.

Although each has been reviewed by our legal team as well as legal teams of numerous clients, feel free to have your legal people look them over. We believe you’ll find we’ve made it as fair as possible to both parties and in your best interest – something to consider when you’re deciding on a design firm.


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