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SEAT Features

Ticket Sales

Manage all group, fundraiser, season, and package plan ticket sales.

Designed to augment virtually any ticketing system you may have in place, we focus on the marketing and sales aspect of this important part of your ticket sales. You can now easily find out who’s coming to which event. We even support multiple events per day.

Sponsor Sales

Manage sponsorship revenue and client sales.

Uniquely structured to the sales of sponsorship and promotional opportunities, such as Billboards, Matrix Displays, Dasher Boards, Program adverts, Goody Bags, etc.

Inside SEAT PRO, you will find:

Over 25 pre-written Letters:

  • Sales (pre and post season),
  • Marketing (mass and targeted),
  • Lead and ‘No Renew’ Follow-ups,
  • Lead and ‘No Renew’ Follow-ups,
  • Order Confirmations,
  • Order Reminders and Thank You’s
  • Appreciation Certificate (Groups)
  • Mailing Labels
  • Ability to have virtually an unlimited number of additional letters

Over 20 Management and Operation Reports, such as:

  • Company Lists (by name, type, by sales rep),
  • Product Lists
  • Lead Tracking Report
  • To Do Lists
  • Sales Reports
    • by month / day / week / homestand / etc.
    • by order date,
    • by purchase date,
    • by sales volume,
    • by sales rep
    • by category
    • by item
    • by customer
  • Customer Detail and Demographic Reports
  • Event Day Announcements
  • Product Inventory Reports (ordered and sold)

Invoices and Statements

  • for group tickets, packages and season plans
  • for advertisers and sponsors
  • accounting ledger for aging

Although SEAT PRO does do invoicing and aging, it is intended to augment, not replace, any accounting system you may already have in place. If you do not have an accounting system in place, you may find SEAT PRO will be all you need. All letters and reports may be modified and personalized as needed. More of each may be added or customized to tailor-fit your organization.

The Ticket system ties into the barcode module for enhanced customer tracking and marketing capabilities.

The Sponsor system allow you to sell and manage individual opportunities, or package deals – even track and manage cash and trade transactions.

Most clubs have a fixed inventory of items available (‘X’ outfield signs or dasher boards, ‘Y’ concourse signs, or ‘Z’ birthday packages, etc.). SEAT PRO automagically updates this inventory, so all your sales people know what is still available.

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