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Why Use SEAT?

Virtually all sports and entertainment organizations rely, in part, on revenue generated by group ticket sales (national minor league average 5-10 percent) and sponsor advertising sales.

But, why are group ticket sales so low?

Because most organizations have no productive, efficient method of tracking or managing the customer information that is crucial to marketing to groups and to their operation. Because most organizations have no mechanism for their managers to manage and assist their sales staff.

SEAT is the only product available custom designed to assist you to boost group ticket revenue to 30 or 40 percent of YOUR total ticket revenue (as reported by SEAT customers). Increased group revenue means increased ‘per head’ revenue.

What’s that worth to you?

Let’s say you have annual attendance of 250,000 fans, 10 percent of which are groups (25,000). Clubs using SEAT traditionally have run at an average of 35 percent group tickets. With an attendance of 250,000 that would be 87,500 – a difference of 62,500 fans. In addition to the ticket revenue itself (let’s use $5), the average fan spends about $10 during the event on pop, hotdogs, T-shirts, etc. So 62,500 extra fans at $15 per head means nearly $940,000 of increased gross revenue – and all generated using your current staff AND, of course, SEAT.

This is just an example – your mileage may vary. BUT you’re starting to see the benefit of a system that will help you do this.

Sounds grand! Tell me more.

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