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I Got A Guy…

October 22nd, 2021 by Ima Admin

bad flooring jobYup, regardless of the industry, we’ve likely all heard this, “…who’ll do it cheaper.” There’s always someone cheaper. We are a society that loves being cheap. Some big names (that you can easily name from ‘A’ to ‘W’) have built empires on being cheap. Yet being cheap doesn’t necessarily mean being smart, and paying less doesn’t always mean getting more value for the money, taking less time or getting better results.

That least expensive paint you found is more likely to NOT cover in one coat, but WILL take more time, and leave brush marks than a more expensive brand. Likewise, that cheapest window cleaner WILL leave streaks and cost you more in time to re-clean them. How’s that cheap toilet paper or doggie poop bag working out for you? Do you really want to gamble your health and future on the cheapest condom you can buy?

But its not just products, its true for services as well. There’s probably nothing wrong with the flooring product in this picture, but the execution and results are not what was expected.

Going with the cheapest hourly rate contractor/service professional or project cost, while overlooking the experience, workmanship, quality, and/or knowledge can leave you with less than desired results or require even more expensive repairs or complete re-work. This is as true w/ a plumber, electrician, landscaper, as it is for a lawyer, mechanic or even web developer.

A web site has a lot of moving parts and developing a successful web site requires a designer’s aesthetic eye, a marketer’s knowledge, a writer’s command of language, a programmer/hacker’s attention to security, and an attorney’s awareness of copyrights and compliance. Failure in any of those areas could mean an ugly site, a site that doesn’t attract or communicate correctly to the audience you want, and/or a site that could open you/your customers up to identity theft or your business to a lawsuit and heavy fines.

How’s that family member, relative, friend, guy you know that’ll ‘do it cheaper’ look now? Team IFI is comprised of graphic artists, designers, programmers, journalists, writers, engineers, marketers, geeks and entrepreneurs that are well versed and experienced in all media from print to web to social. When you’re ready to start that project, so are we.

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