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Is it Time for a Redesign?

September 17th, 2021 by Ima Admin

word graphic relating to design conceptsLike all of us, our pets, our cars & homes, websites age – some better than others. A website may become outdated, non-functional or you may have new needs/goals. Web technologies evolve, coding languages change, and site visitors expectations will increase as they become more sophisticated. Web design is a cyclic and regular process as companies change, new technologies develop and new fashions come along.

Its a smart plan to consider re-designing a site once a year, but at least once every few years. Cyber years, like dog years, are not the same as human years. An older, outdated site can look neglected and can imply poor customer service. However, the frequency of redesign depends on many site, company internal and external factors.

So, what are some common reasons for a site redesign?

A redesign can range from a complete overhaul to a simple refresh of colors and/or navigation. User friendliness and usability are vital but the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fixit” also applies here, but if its lagging, it should be tweaked.


  • Ugly
  • Looks dated
  • Unable to run updates
  • Hard to manage
  • Looks Bad on Mobile Devices
  • Not Showing up on Google (especially in mobile search)
  • Slow


  • Strategic Changes
  • Mergers / Acquisitions
  • New Products / Services / Directions
  • Competitive Pressures
  • External Conditions (think covid pandemic)
  • Government / Legal Regulations (think ACA, ADA, GDPR, Sales Tax changes – see our previous posts)

If any of these sound familiar and/or fit your situation, give us a call. We’d be happy to learn more about you and your needs and discuss options with you.

Sounds like my kind of thing. We should talk!

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