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News: Threemendous

September 20th, 2016 by Ima Admin

Three fingersToday’s news update is brought to you by the number three. We hear many times that a whole lot of ‘things’ come in three’s.

Celebrities seem to die in three’s

Religion has the Father, Son, & Holy Ghost

In writing, things that come in three are funnier, more satisfying, more effective.

…Three Little Pigs, …Three Musketeers, …Friends, Romans, Countrymen

And a few of you may even remember, the cold war slogan …Duck, Cover and Roll.

A good presentation uses the power of three, because people tend to remember things in three’s.

What about your website? Yup, there are threes found there too.

  • Some of us use a 3 x 3 grid in design and photos
  • Some of us follow a three click navigation rule to get to any page on a site.
  • Some of design for desktop, tablet and smartphone

When you think of a website as an online sales presentation, there are three things it needs to do…

  • It needs to sell you/your company as a credible source of information on that topic
  • It needs to sell your ideas/product/service in a way so visitors are inspired, persuaded and/or enlightened.
  • It needs to provide an easy avenue for them to take action – buy, contact or promote

At the Imagination Factory, we work hard to make your site do all three.

What business owner do you know that could use our help making their site THREEMENDOUS?

Sounds grand. Let's talk!

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