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How Different Are You?

March 14th, 2018 by Ima Admin

So… How DIFFERENT are you? Not how ODD or STRANGE are you, but how DO YOU DIFFER from your competitors?

Note, that I’m also NOT asking how you COMPARE to your competition. When you COMPARE its often going to be a price comparison. Price comparisons don’t build long-term relationships with customers. When you DIFFERENTIATE its usually about the value you provide.

To help illustrate this point, SSL security certificates are becoming more and more important. This is the thing that creates a secure connection between you and the site domain you’re visiting. It doesn’t necessarily mean your data stored on that site is any more secure, just that your connection and communication to that domain is secure – but that’s a topic for a whole different article – in fact, go here to read more. Browsers are, by default, attempting to go to HTTPS site addresses and then FLAGGING the site to visitors when its NOT SECURE.

Don’t think its an issue?

Sites or rather domains, by default, are NOT https secured. It can be when it takes time to get one in the first place, and when they need annual renewing which us usually NOT the domain renewal date (something else to calendar), It can mean a separate cost and a separate process of replacing the certificates on the server each year.

Recently, we saw a third-party certificate lapse before it should have and the result to this ecom site was that the client’s sales dropped to about a third of normal. We quickly fixed the situation by installing one of our FREE (yes that’s a price comparison) SSL certificates that AUTO-RENEWS, so this client will not run into this again (that’s a value we add to their business).

One way that WE DIFFER from other designers is that when we develop a client site, we work very hard to discover and articulate how our clients are DIFFERENT than their competitors.

Another thing that makes us different from other developers is that every new site we launch, we automagically activate these FREE SSL certificates for our clients (another value added benefit from IFI).

The ability to differentiate yourself is a vital key to customers buying from you.

Our Value is in describing Your Value to your Audience.

Sounds nifty. Let's get to work!

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