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Close More Business

July 11th, 2018 by Ima Admin

Some time ago I met a sales coach at a networking event and during our conversation, I asked what constituted the bulk of the requests they receive. She indicated that they get more requests for workshops on how to close more business than any other topic.

It seems that many of us are relentlessly searching for that one killer closing line or magical silver bullet technique that will compel a prospect to hire us and/or buy from us on the spot.

She had some real Bad News!

The ability to ‘seal the deal’, close the business and move a client forward has absolutely nothing to do with a closing technique. it has everything to do with how you how you open, engage, and position yourself throughout the entire meeting.

She suggested that the opening, the first few moments of your meeting provides a perfect place to set the tone, make a connection and build rapport. An effective opening paves the way for trust and credibility.

So, if the opening is that critical, what might happen if YOU are not able to be present at that first meeting?

Today, more often than not, your FIRST meeting with the prospect is through your website. Is it serving as an ally or foe to the sale?

Does the website WOW? Does it separate you from the ‘others’? Is it outstanding, positive, focused, polished, convincing enough to propel the visitor toward taking action?

Want to close more business? It starts with a great opening website from the Imagination Factory

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