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First Best Impressions

August 2nd, 2018 by Ima Admin

On a sad note, funeral services were held earlier this week for a friend who was a psychic contortionist, but it was OK because she had said she saw her own end.

Wow! I’ll bet that left an impression!

‘Impression’ is a funny word.. we can DO an impression, we can MAKE an impression, we can GET an impression, we can be LEFT with an impression, and we can COUNT impressions.

When you arrive at any business or networking event, you make some judgements about who you THINK everyone is and IF you want to have a conversation with them.

It’s OK, we all do it. They’re doing the same thing.

Its called a FIRST IMPRESSION and like it or not impressions affect whether or not your prospect will call and/or buy from you.

Impressions are shaped by appearance, attitude, manners, etiquette, etc.

Some of those people that tell us things we should do, say that before a meeting, we should take a selfie and ask ourselves, “Is this the person I’d love to meet?”

However, often before you get to meet someone, your website has already been giving off FIRST impressions to everyone and anyone that happens by.

Take a selfie of your site. Is it making the BEST impression it can? Is it attractive or dowdy, How is its attitude – is it welcoming? How are its manners – is it easy to navigate? Is it helpful to visitors looking for information or to buy something?

Who do you know that doesn’t just want to COUNT impressions, but make their impressions COUNT, have them call the Imagination Factory.

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