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Site Launch: Meyer Music

August 22nd, 2014 by Ted Bailey

IFIblog_MMI_smMeyer Music, after watching web designers come and go for several years, came to the Imagination Factory, back in 2005, to have their first web site built. Over the years there have been a variety of changes and enhancements to benefit their customers, but no major re-design…

Until today!

Meyer Music has revamped and enhanced its internal operations, so it made sense to also give the website an overall facelift and make it mobile responsive. The redesign would require also integrating the public facing web site to a secure portal where Meyer Music clients will not only rent musical instruments (as with the old site), but also access their accounts and pay online.

This latter portion of the project meant not only getting the various computers to play together nicely and securely, but to make the aesthetics match as closely as possible across different computers, operating systems, and applications.

Come visit the NEW Meyer Music site, today.

Site Launch: Crossroads Elder Care

July 8th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

Crossroads Elder CareThe mission of Crossroads Eldercare Planning is to educate families on all of their options for senior housing, care and resources in West Michigan. They work with all care communities in West Michigan and are also very knowledgeable on the community services and support programs available to the elderly.

Every family has different priorities, budgets, care needs and desires for their aging relatives, and they listen carefully and then provide families with all of their options for senior care and resources and a plan for action.

They selected the Imagination Factory, because we listened, and then provided them w/ several options to fit their specific needs.

Visit Crossroads’ new mobile responsive site.

Site Launch: Pet Hospice

June 21st, 2014 by Ted Bailey

Pet HospiceHeaven at Home vet, Dr. Laurie Brush, came to the Imagination Factory some time ago to develop the branding (logo, brochure, banners) in time for a few tradeshows.

As word began to get out about her in-home veterinary hospice, end-of-life care and euthanasia in Grand Rapids and West Michigan, it was time to develop a website for people to learn more about her practice and to handle requests for service.

It’s the kind of compassionate care your companion animal deserves and finding it just got easier.

Visit Heaven at Home’s new mobile responsive site.

Site Launch: Grandville Dental

June 10th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

Grandville DentalGrandville Dental Health Center, an IFI client since 2007, has been steadily growing her practice, adding staff and online tools for patients. We updated the site back in 2011 when the practice moved, but Dr. Larissa Bishop felt this would be a good time to give the site a bit of a refresh as well.

We did too, so we took this opportunity to integrate the new practice tools from DemandForce, make it a bit more mobile friendly and update the look.

Visit Grandville Dental’s updated mobile responsive site.

Site Launch: Micro Visions

May 30th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

MicrovisionsFor over 20 years Micro Visions has been providing IT managed services in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan. Their IT consulting experts always look out for your best interests and will translate all “tech speak” into business language you can understand.

So, when MVI went looking for someone to revamp their web presence, they wanted someone with similar experience levels (IFI has been designing websites since 1995), understood their business (IFI not only designs, but maintains its own rack of servers), and could talk to them in ‘tech’ and business languages.

When they found the Imagination Factory, they stopped looking and even started recommending us to some of their clients.

Visit Micro Visions mobile responsive site.

Site Launch: Lux-Evo

May 27th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

Lux-EvoA Michigan-based LED Lighting company that routinely delivers 85% energy savings on projects of any scale across the U.S. had a need to re-design their website into something mobile responsive, better looking, easier to use AND easier for them to maintain before the next tradeshow (Lightfair International in Vegas).

Just like their LED lighting, they came to the Imagination Factory for some bright ideas of how to revamp their existing material as well as organize some of their new product offerings in time for the show.

Visit Lux-Evo

Branding: Banners Aren’t Just for Web Ads

May 16th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

AMMOAM_banners_smContrary to popular current belief, banners aren’t just for advertising on other websites or for the top of facebook, twitter, or other social media sites. Banners have their place in the real world as well. You’ll find them in tradeshow booths, hanging from buildings or in their lobby, gymnasium walls, outer fences at ball games, dasher boards at hockey arenas, stuck in the grass along the street and competition finish lines.

Banners come in all sizes, orientations and materials. You’ll find them made out of silkscreened fabric as well as printed or cut out of vinyl. Over the years we’ve produced tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, fabric ones, vinyl ones, three-sided ones, even lenticular ones (curious what that is, ask us!). They’re not only an art form, there’s a science to their design – for example…

Question: On a vertical banner should the type read from top down or bottom up?

Answer: It can depend on where and how it’ll be used as well as the material is made of. But then, that’s why you’d hire us to design one for you.

Here are just two recent ones designed for Athletic Mentors & Team OAM Now.

Site Launch: Team OAM Now

May 2nd, 2014 by Ted Bailey

IFIblog_OAM_smMichigan’s Premier Multisport Team, Team OAM NOW, is comprised of athletes competing in cycling, triathlon, running and Nordic skiing throughout the calendar year, with additional objectives to create a healthier community and develop young athletes in sports that are not typically available in the school system.

For 2014, Athletic Mentors has teamed up with OAM NOW, a provider of Urgent Orthopedic Care and supported by the OAM Sports Medicine Institute, both operated by Orthopedic Associates of Michigan, to bring its message to the community.

When it came time to develop the team site, Team OAM Now came to the geeks at the Imagination Factory, who had helped Athletic Mentors develop its brand identity as well as its own coaching and training-focused site.

Visit Team OAM Now Visit Athletic Mentors

Site Launch: Katie-K

April 25th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

Katie-KNo one understands the mechanics of getting a house ready to sell better than successful realtor, Katie Karczewski. From sprucing up the outside for ‘curb appeal’ to new paint and polishing of the inside for better presentation, Katie realized that she needed to freshen-up her website. Although it had been working well for her for some time, she knew that it would benefit from a new look and some structural changes to make it even more mobile device friendly.

Katie also know where to go to find the web folks that understood responsive mobile design and search visibility. She came to the Imagination Factory.

Visit Katie-K

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