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A Branding Equation

November 30th, 2017 by Ima Admin

I’ve managed to get through most of this year without (knowingly) using algebra, not once. But I do have an equation for you…

Brand Depth + Brand Awareness = Brand Success

We’ve said previously that your brand isn’t simply your logo, although like the tip of an iceberg, its often what is seen first. The customer experience you provide, the quality of your products, and level of services you offer, are what lies below the surface and provide depth. However, depth AND awareness go hand in hand in building your success.

How Deep is Your Brand?

You can say anything you want about Amazon, but you can’t deny the power & depth of their brand. But they ‘own’ WAY more than their name or logo, Amazon is equally known by keywords and phrases that define its services – ‘1-click’ checkout, ‘Prime’ free shipping and more recently ‘Alexa’.

Similarly, Apple (and all the i-whatevers we buy), Google (most of us don’t search, we ‘Google It’), and eBay (‘Buy It Now’) each own their own keywords and phases that define more deeply and make us aware of their brand. I’m sure you can come up with other good examples.

So what are you known for? What is attached to your brand, your business, your reputation?

Whatever it is, it has to be something that sets you apart, far apart, from your competition. CLUE: If you’re still fighting price, there’s little differentiation between you and your competitors.

What words, phrases and services are associated with you?

This is part of what we do, we help you define what makes you different and then communicate that to your audience in everything we design for you – from print to web.

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