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Branding: Banners Aren’t Just for Web Ads

May 16th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

AMMOAM_banners_smContrary to popular current belief, banners aren’t just for advertising on other websites or for the top of facebook, twitter, or other social media sites. Banners have their place in the real world as well. You’ll find them in tradeshow booths, hanging from buildings or in their lobby, gymnasium walls, outer fences at ball games, dasher boards at hockey arenas, stuck in the grass along the street and competition finish lines.

Banners come in all sizes, orientations and materials. You’ll find them made out of silkscreened fabric as well as printed or cut out of vinyl. Over the years we’ve produced tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, fabric ones, vinyl ones, three-sided ones, even lenticular ones (curious what that is, ask us!). They’re not only an art form, there’s a science to their design – for example…

Question: On a vertical banner should the type read from top down or bottom up?

Answer: It can depend on where and how it’ll be used as well as the material is made of. But then, that’s why you’d hire us to design one for you.

Here are just two recent ones designed for Athletic Mentors & Team OAM Now.

Branding: CTMAX

November 7th, 2013 by Ted Bailey


Recently our client, CTMAX, participated in a large wellness fair in Connecticut with both a booth exhibit and as well as a featured speaker.

This, of course, mobilized us to develop a sundrie of items to assist them in telling their story. The custom materials we were able to pull together for them included:

    • Vinyl Banner
    • Speaker Topic Poster
    • Presentation Jacket
    • Powerpoint Slide Show
    • Web-based Digital Video


  • Promotional Item: Lip Balm

This meant not only creating the art for several printers but in multiple sizes and resolutions for several different media yet with consistent results.

If your designer isn’t doing this for you, give us a call.

Branding: Bagsaver

April 26th, 2013 by Ted Bailey

PTW_BGS_logo_smLocal entrepreneurs had been developing a new product, had named it and had a marketing concept. To bring their ideas to fruition required an identity, so they came to the Imagination Factory to assist them.

The first steps to a full campaign design program started with an IndiGogo funding program and the logos for both the Bagsaver product AND for the parent organization, Products That Work.

Graphic Design: DTE

February 28th, 2013 by Ted Bailey

DTE_MAPDTE needed to communicate its phased construction plans to the affected community. So they came to the Imagination Factory to see if we could take their map and clarify the locations and phases of the intended road closures.

We could…. and provided DTE with a PDF handout, a scaleable version capable of being enlarged to poster size as well as a multi-screen electronic slideshow suitable for a large-screen presentation. Although not requested, our final layouts included enough visual support for anyone in the audience that might suffer color blindness (8-10% males, <1% female).

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