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Tradeshows: AIFI Banners

October 15th, 2015 by Ima Admin

AIFI_banner-118x300Long-time client, American International Foods, called on the Imagination Factory recently to develop some tradeshow collateral in the form of new handouts and booth banners.

Having previously designed their logo, brochures, and web presence, we were able to quickly work up new branding materials including booth handouts and this 6′ banner in time for the show.

Tradeshows: Tommy’s Tattoo Convention

September 29th, 2015 by Ima Admin

CTMAX_Tommys-300x300So… how does a maxillofacial surgeon (CTMAX) and a tattoo convention (Tommy’s) cross paths? Well, when the surgeon expands his practice to include non-invasive aesthetic enhancement and buys specialized picosecond laser equipment to address age spots and fine lines, but can also quickly, safely and painlessly remove all colors of tattoos… he finds himself taking a booth at one of the larger tattoo conventions in Connecticut.

Naturally, our client then turned to the Imagination Factory to whip up branding materials including banners, posters, brochures, business cards and unique promotional items including erasers, temporary tattoos, and laser-etched bottle openers.

Working backward from the tradeshow date, the imagination Factory not only designed/prepared all the artwork required, but sourced the items, and ensured their delivery to the client in advance of the show, allowing the client to relax and focus on their business. How can we assist you?

Site Launch: CTMAX ERASE

August 16th, 2015 by Ted Bailey

IFIblog_CTMXERASE_smLong-time client (since 1996) in Connecticut, CTMAX, branched out their services a few years ago to include non-invasive facial aesthetic enhancement/refinement.

Recently, they purchased a new and very advanced, pico-second laser as well as state-of-the-art skin cooling system for their practice. This pico laser/cryo cooler combination is very good at reducing fine lines, treating acne scars and removing blemishes and age spots. Its also extremely good at removing tattoos, even those with difficult colours, more quickly and less painfully than other methods generally in use.

For them it meant the need to announce the capability as there are only three of these lasers in Connecticut and embrace a market not typical from them. For us, this meant another logo and another sister website as a method to further brand and distinguish their services in the area.

Learn more about this technology and how they use it to erase the past at CTMAX erase

Branding: American International Foods

December 8th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

AIFI_folderAmerican International Foods are leaders in the food ingredient supply chain who leverage their deep relationships with hundreds of food ingredient producers around the world to provide food and beverage manufacturers the highest quality materials at the best possible prices.

Following their move into a new location and in advance of a web site re-vamp, it was also time to freshen up their collateral materials, so AIFI came back to the Imagination Factory for a re-design. Check back soon to check out their new site.

Branding: Micro Visions

November 16th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

MVI_tri-fold2Many clients initially contact us to design their web presence, as did Micro Visions, an IT service business in Grand Rapids, MI. However, they often find other projects for us to do. Following the design and launch of their new web site and in preparation of their physical move to new digs, Micro Visions asked us to design and produce their new business cards and self-mailer services brochure.

Branding: Ridge Quest

September 20th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

RQI_logos2After a successful launch of their new website, the folks over at Ridge Quest, well known Michigan crop consultants, came back to us for the design of the logos for their two new products – Deploy™ & Tangler™ CM.

Ridge Quest continues to gain worldwide recognition in the field. They provide comprehensive solutions in crop production, pest management, fertility, product development and agricultural engineering.

Branding: Lux-Evo – A Cut Above

September 12th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

LUX-CUTSHTAlthough many clients initially contact us to design their web presence, they often find other projects for us to do. Such is the case with Lux-Evo, a LED manufacturer in Holland, MI. Following the design and launch of their new web site, they asked us to design and produce product specification sheets, often call cut sheets.

Cut sheets are generally a bit more technical in nature and will often include not just product photos but technical illustrations as well as detailed product data for architects, engineers, contractors developing or re-designing projects that might use these products.

Branding: Banners Aren’t Just for Web Ads

May 16th, 2014 by Ted Bailey

AMMOAM_banners_smContrary to popular current belief, banners aren’t just for advertising on other websites or for the top of facebook, twitter, or other social media sites. Banners have their place in the real world as well. You’ll find them in tradeshow booths, hanging from buildings or in their lobby, gymnasium walls, outer fences at ball games, dasher boards at hockey arenas, stuck in the grass along the street and competition finish lines.

Banners come in all sizes, orientations and materials. You’ll find them made out of silkscreened fabric as well as printed or cut out of vinyl. Over the years we’ve produced tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones, fabric ones, vinyl ones, three-sided ones, even lenticular ones (curious what that is, ask us!). They’re not only an art form, there’s a science to their design – for example…

Question: On a vertical banner should the type read from top down or bottom up?

Answer: It can depend on where and how it’ll be used as well as the material is made of. But then, that’s why you’d hire us to design one for you.

Here are just two recent ones designed for Athletic Mentors & Team OAM Now.

Sounds good. Help me out!

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