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Site Launch: Genie Matthews

September 24th, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Genie MatthewsGenie Matthews & Associates learned about IFI’s services through an organization, National Personnel Associates (also an IFI client), of which they are a member. We re-vamped the NPA website a while ago, so when Genie Matthews was ready for a re-vamp of their own, they contacted us.

We were able to refresh the look, put them into a CMS (content managed structure) so they could manage the site pages themselves, and make the site mobile- friendly and search engine optimized.

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Site Launch: Venom Motorsports

August 29th, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Venom MotorsportsVenom knows how to re-define your ride.

They can design, engineer and install performance, style and off-road equipment to safely enhance and upgrade your vehicle.

They also know who to call when their story needed to go to the web to let vehicle owners that their search for a full-service auto performance shop was over. They chose the Imagination Factory to design and develop a flexible, manageable site… with fangs!

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The Cost for Social Media

August 24th, 2012 by Ted Bailey

In an earlier post, I discussed the costs of SEO. Successful site SEO is much like a good cocktail; a few parts of this and a few parts of that, then stick an umbrella in it. Proper search optimizing requires both on- and off-site components. One such off-site component is, increasingly, social media. Just as with cocktails, we can mix our favourite drink, but handling multiple diverse drink orders is best left to the bartenders and mixologists. Or in the case of social media, SEO and/or social media consultants.

What will social media consultant cost?

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Site Launch: Vertex Integration

August 17th, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Vertex IntegrationWhen it comes to site design, “The devil’s in the details”.

To their credit, these owners knew that they needed a web site to go with their new business. Unfortunately, the ‘deal too good to pass up’ was and they ended up with a site that had little content AND some of the content it had, was for services they didn’t really provide. Shortly thereafter, the site host closed up without notice and what little web presence they had went dark.

That’s when Vertex called on the Imagination Factory to help out. We listened to what they did, learned about their customers and designed a site that helped market their business better. We made it mobile-friendly and worked on their SEO to get higher ranking in the search engines. We built a site that will now be able to grow along with their business.

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Unwanted Links May Be Adware

July 2nd, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Every so often we will receive a call or email from a client asking about text links they’ve found around one or more words that appear in a page or post within their site. While we do often place cross-links on one page to related content on another page, these offending links appear to be adverts and/or go to other sites, sometimes bad sites.

The most common first thought is that something bad has happened to the site. However, when we investigate, we are unable to duplicate the issue – we do not see the offending link in our browsers or in the actual code.

So, what’s up with that? Why is the client seeing it, but we are not? Is the client or the person that reported it, wrong or just plain nuts?
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Site re-Launch: Flamingo Plumbing & Backflow

June 22nd, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Flamingo PlumbingOriginally in a static site structure, Flamingo Plumbing, asked a local design service to get them into a more updated CMS (content managed) structure. Unfortunately, the resulting inexpensive site, although in a popular CMS, was designed such as to NOT be mobile compliant, deployed FLASH navigation on the main landing page, and one of the key components to the site, an online backflow order system, didn’t work.

Flamingo then came to the Imagination Factory to see what could be done. We were able to take and update the underlying CMS engine, re-design a new theme that eliminated the flash navigation and that was fully mobile-compliant. We re-coded the backflow order system to be both be fully functional and more user friendly and incorporated images from their recent direct mail campaign to reinforce their marketing efforts.

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How Much for SEO?

June 7th, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Who can tell me how much for SEO?

The conversation that follows this question often begins to sound like the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First?” baseball routine.

The problem arises because many site owners think of SEO (search engine optimization) as a turn-key solution that you simply plug and play into your site. After all, SEO increases your SEV in SERP, so you want to have one/it/them… but, like everyone, you want to save money on it.
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A website is a website

June 2nd, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Wow, really?  That takes me back to the 60’s when we also thought a horse was a horse.. unless, of course, that horse was the famous Mr. Ed.

I suppose that if all you’re looking for is a tax write-off and/or to get the marketing department to quit bellyaching about not having one, then perhaps a static website that looks like it is from the 90′s and drives little or no traffic and generates few, if any leads will do just fine for you. However, for the rest of you that are looking to invest in an asset that will not only build your brand, but gain you visibility, increase trust and ultimately generate more sales… then not all websites are created equal.

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To Be Mobile or Not to Be Mobile…

May 29th, 2012 by Ted Bailey

Ah yes, that IS the question, or at least, one of several questions that you should be asking yourself as the internet finds its way into purses or shirt pockets everywhere. This is especially true if you are now considering a new or re-designed web site. But let’s allow the numbers about mobile devices tell their story and you decide.

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Site Launch: Wellness Network, LLC

January 30th, 2012 by Keldrick Brown

We are excited to announce the launch of  wellnessnetworkllc.com. One of the many projects that has kept us glued to our code editors and ftp clients with anticipation this season.

This Florida based holistic & natural health supplement provider approached IFI to build an easy to use e-commerce solution that would scale seamlessly with their growing list of manufacturers.

Visit Wellness Network, LLC 

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