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Site Redesign: Imagination Factory

January 30th, 2017 by Ima Admin

jugglingIt’s finally here! The new IFI site. During 2016, Team IFI launched ~20 new client sites (several quite large with an extensive list of features); We ghost blogged through the year for six clients; We managed SOCS, our Suite Online Catering System, for a dozen minor league baseball ballclubs around the country; We handled the tradeshow support needs (design of trinkets, handouts, posters, banners, A/V shows, even tailgate flags) for several clients; We designed / produced numerous direct mail campaigns for several clients totaling over 200,000 postcards (mail merged and EDDM); we handled Adwords campaigns for a couple retained clients; we designed a variety of new logos, business cards, and newsletters for several clients; and we managed site (and server) updates/upgrades for over 50 managed client sites.


And somewhere in there we managed to find the time to completely revamp our own site. Although there have been a few minor tweaks along the way, this marks our 5th major site overhaul since we started developing / hosting sites in late 1995. We tend to use ourselves as test subjects and each iteration of our site redesigns incorporate things w/ learned from previous clients sites as well as things we may need to do for clients in the future as the tech landscape changes. As a result, our clients have become more sophisticated, more feature-laden, yet at the same time, we’ve managed to optimize the code to make them faster, more secure and more visible to search engines.

As always, you will find some of our legacy reference material and several new features, such as our new portfolio gallery and client support request area. The portfolio gallery is semi-automated to make site launch postings faster. We’ve added a support ticket system for client service requests to allow us to log and service all requests by any team IFI member. This will help our response times and eliminate emails lost to cyberspace or buried in team members mailbox while out of the office.

Take a look at the new IFI site and let us know what you think.

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